Five ways to enhance your well-being

Follow your own Sauna Trail and enjoy the various pools, special showers and saunas along the way, as well as the products in your Spa Pail.


Wake up your mind and body in the cool waters of the cold plunge pool or under the Kolin Kuohu shower. Take a dip in the outdoor tub and charge your mind with new energy from the spectacular scenery.


Luxurious showers take you on a sensual journey to the rainforest, misty mountains and tropical storms. What a rehydrating experience! Finish off with a facial mask or hand infusion in the sauna.


Pick the invigorating alternative. Strengthen your mind in the cold pool, counting slowly to 40. Switch to the hot tub or the lights & music pool. Repeat three times and feel the invigorating effects of cold and hot waters. Sauna and a good steak in Restaurant Grill it! followed by a night in Library Bar Hiekkapakka – you'll be all set to go in no time.


Release the tensions in your mind and body. Enjoy music from underwater speakers, as well as the sauna, hot tub and our tub with a view. Take a moment to relax on the heat bed and just enjoy the scenery and the tea and fruit.


Get the best effect of cross-country or downhill skiing or hiking by tending your muscles at the Koli Relax Spa. Alternating cold and hot baths revitalise the whole body, a footbath makes the feet as good as new. Massage available as an additional service.