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Getting to Koli Relax Spa

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Koli Relax Spa
Break Sokos Hotel Koli
Ylä-Kolintie 39
83960 Koli, Finland
Tel. +358 20 1234 662

By car

Koli is located near the main road number 6 approx. 60 km north of Joensuu in the direction of Kajaani. At Ahmovaara, turn onto road Kolintie (number 504), which will take you to Koli village. From there, take the road Ylä-Kolintie up to the top of Koli hills. The road ends in the yard of the spa.

By air

The nearest airports to Koli are in Joensuu and Kuopio, with flights from Helsinki several times a day. Flight time is about an hour. Continue from the airport to Koli, for example, by a shuttle taxi or rental car.

By train

Arrive by train in Joensuu. Continue your journey, for example, by shuttle taxi service to Koli or rent a car for the 60-km long journey north in the direction of Kajaani. Alternatively, you can travel by train closer to Koli to the village of Vuonislahti, east of Lake Pielinen. When the Koli–Vuonislahti ice road is open in winter, the taxi ride from Vuonislahti train station to Koli village is about 10 kilometres.

By bus

From Joensuu and Kajaani you can get a bus to Kolinportti, at Ahmovaara, Juuka several times a day. The distance from Kolinportti to the top of Koli is about 12 km.