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Koli Relax Spa pampering and landscape spa is a unique concept in Finland. The idea is to give you the chance to stop and focus on your own well-being.

We give you a Koli Spa Pail containing five Lumene skincare products: salt crystal foot scrub, stimulating body scrub, detoxifying mask, repairing hand treatment and moisturizing body lotion. The products are designed to suit both men and women.

How to use the Spa services

You will be given a robe and a towel. If you stay in Break Sokos Hotel Koli, they will be laid out for you in your room. There are separate changing rooms and showers for women and men.

Take a shower and put on your bathing suit and robe in the changing room before entering the Spa section. Please wear your bathing suit at all times, including in the saunas. All saunas are for mixed company.


Koli Relax Spa pampers all your senses. You may bring along refreshments from café Kahpitsa or order them in by phone from the Relax room.

Treatments and massages

You can complement your spa regime by booking a massage or treatments. More information (link to treatments)

Koli Relax Spa layout

Opening hours


Kylpylälippu aikuinen36 €39 €
Kylpylälippu lapsi (4-12 v.)15 €15 €
Perhelippu74 €80 €

Perhelipulla käynti Koli Relax Spassa kahdelle aikuiselle ja kahdelle lapselle (4-12 v.) tai yhdelle aikuiselle ja kolmelle lapselle klo 10-16 välillä. Perhelippu sisältää kaksi kylpykiulua.

Alle 15 vuotias kylpylään täysi-ikäisen seurassa.


Lauantaisin kylpylä on auki kaikille klo 10-15 ja klo 15 jälkeen vain hotellin asukkaille.


Smartumin, Tykyn, eazybreakin, ePassin ja Ticketin Virike ja Duo liikunta- ja kulttuurisetelit käyvät maksuvälineenä.